Background maps in EPSG:32702 for your application

Example map in EPSG:32702 – WGS 84 / UTM zone 2S

The box shows the covered area of the coordinate reference system according to the EPSG database

We offer worldwide map services based on OpenStreetMap data. You can use our services as a WMS for desktop GIS like QGIS, ArcGIS/ArcMap or MapInfo, or as a tile service for web applications.

  • All common coordinate systems including EPSG:32702
  • High-performance maps with live updates
  • Individual layers, choose the exact layers you need
  • Any map scales – not only with fixed zoom levels
  • Maps for high quality printing
  • Individual tile grids


Whether as a tile service or WMS: We provide fastest access to up-to-date OpenStreetMap data.

Live Updates

A new building, a new street? We synchronize our data with the OpenStreetMap project every minute.


We provide commercial OpenStreetMap services since 2009. Trusted by companies all around the world.